Month: October 2016

Journey between Flåm and Mydral is a beautiful one. It is renowned as one of the World’s most popular Bike Route. So I planned a Bike trip from Flåm to Mydral as I thought it would be a good idea to go downhill through the Valleys of Norway in Bike and take the overnight train to Oslo.

Well it seemed like a very good idea but when I reached Mydral, I suddenly realized, Mydral is 862 Meter above Sea level, and Flåm is just 2. And it would not be downhill but uphill climb. I kind of felt a doubt if I can make it or not as I am not an expert Biker (Not even Amateur), so was having second thoughts on going back to Mydral in a bike. The guy who was renting Bikes in Flåm also gave fuel to that “Second” thought as well.

But eventually after spending one or two hours Cycling around Flåm vally, I decided to go for it. So the next day, I started my solo journey to Mydral from Flåm railway station. Continue reading