About Sumit

Hi, I am Sumit, from Kolkata. I am currently working in Software Industry. But from childhood I wanted to become a traveler, I wanted to see the whole world and capture it. I started my photography Journey with Kodak. Now I have upgraded that to a D-SLR level. But in between this transformation, somehow my idea of Photography has changed. I came to know that the beauty not only lies in picture perfect landscapes, but also in the heart of people. So I started my People Photography from year 2014. And to guide me I had with me my college friend Sudip. Because of him, I joined a group named “Click Start from Kalighat” whereour mentors, Joydeep Mukherjee and Ashoke Kumar Ghosh, changed my concept of people photography altogether.

Due to them today, I now see the World differently. I can see that there are lot to be told to this world. I can see that a lot to learn about people and to share the unknown to the people. So I am trying my level best to start from here cause there are things, that needs to be told.

This is my story and I hope you like it.