Travel Story

Journey between Flåm and Mydral is a beautiful one. It is renowned as one of the World’s most popular Bike Route. So I planned a Bike trip from Flåm to Mydral as I thought it would be a good idea to go downhill through the Valleys of Norway in Bike and take the overnight train to Oslo.

Well it seemed like a very good idea but when I reached Mydral, I suddenly realized, Mydral is 862 Meter above Sea level, and Flåm is just 2. And it would not be downhill but uphill climb. I kind of felt a doubt if I can make it or not as I am not an expert Biker (Not even Amateur), so was having second thoughts on going back to Mydral in a bike. The guy who was renting Bikes in Flåm also gave fuel to that “Second” thought as well.

But eventually after spending one or two hours Cycling around Flåm vally, I decided to go for it. So the next day, I started my solo journey to Mydral from Flåm railway station. Continue reading


Travel Stories – A dream coming true

It started with a calendar my father bought in for the new years. It had a picture of a place, where everything was covered in snow, then there was a train station. I asked him, where is this? He showed me at the bottom right corner of the picture, a little line says, “Switzerland”.

I felt sad from within after knowing that. Being born in a Lower Middle class family in India, I knew, at that age, that I might never be able to visit such a place.  But, I kept on dreaming and kept looking at that photo. After an year, the calendar was gone from my room, but I still remember that image after all these years.


The last photo was taken at Kleine Scheidegg station,which is 2,061 m above the sea level. From here you have to change trains to go to Jungfrau, The Top of Europe. This station was the same station which was in that calendar, just without the snow. I never planned to come here, but when I saw it, I knew I came to the right place.